We offer several different types of drainage solution.

Correct drainage is the foundation of a properly functioning landscape. With good drainage you not only prevent major water damage, but also protect your investment in your home, landscape and property.

Downspouts Piped Underground

These systems move the water that falls on your roof away from the house, garage or foundation and prevent erosion from occuring in your yard or landscape.

Drainage Swales

We use drainage swales when we want to capture water from a large area of runoff and gently channel it a specific direction.

French Drains

French drains provide a solution for areas in your yard that remain wet due to improper drainage resultin from surrounding elevation. Thes drains can also support established drainage swales that do not adequetly handle the water.

Surface Drains

Surface drains are best used for areas with concentrated, high flow surface runoff either in the yard or at the edge of a surface. Sometimes we combine surface drains with drainage swale.


Culverts allow water to flow under a driveable roadway. We often extend these for those who want to widen a driveway or make a driveway not feel as narrow. Culverts can also allow us to level a yard with the addition of hauled-in dirt when there is a ditch across the yard. For the majority of our drainage projects we use a mini excavator. This lets us install the right type of drainage for the property while remaining precise and efficient.


Braza Construction, Inc. offers professional paving solutions and guaranteed satisfaction. No job is too big or too small. From beginning to end, our quality pavers provide excellent service for residential and commercial clients.

Maintaining Your Driveway

Do not drive or park on your driveway for 5-7 days after installation, longer if the temperature is very hot.

Do not use power steering on your driveway as it will tear up your driveway and may leave tire marks.

Do not fill lawn mower or snow blower on the driveway as the gasoline will stain the driveway

Do not use any sharp objects, such as bikes, lawn furniture or car jacks on your driveway while your driveway is curing (which can take up to 2 years) as these objects will leave marks in the driveway.

Seal Coating application should be applied?


We can design your space with fire features, patios and walkways, to create your ultimate custom outdoor room.

Custom Patios and Walkways

Extend your home’s living space into the outdoors, creating an excellent place to relax and unwind and a space to entertain family and friends. At Braza Construction we custom design and install patios and walkways that help you enjoy every aspect of your outdoor space. We create custom patios and walkways that match your vision and maximize your time spent outdoors.

Retaining Walls

Our quality-crafted retaining walls will add beauty and functionality to your property

Retaining Walls provide both a functional and aesthetic purpose. If you are looking to add more space to your yard that is limited to a sloped area. Retaining walls can extend usable space by either filling and raising the grade behind the wall or by cutting and lowering the grade in front of the wall. The retaining wall itself adds beauty and depth by creating vertical interest that draws the eye. We can also help you take advantage of the additional space created by a retaining wall by designing a custom outdoor living area.

Retaining walls can be used to resolve drainage problems by contouring the grade to effectively direct the flow of water. If you experience an erosion problem making your yard unsightly and increasing the potential of collapse, a retaining wall is an effective solution.

Town and Roads

At Braza Construction, we have extensive experience in road construction. Drawing strength from our site contracting, paving and concrete services, we are proud to provide our services in highway infrastructure projects of varying scopes. We work with municipalities and private and public sector organizations to develop and maintain roads, parking lots, underground utilities for commercial and residential customers.


Commercial and Residential Construction is our expertise. We have the experts to execute any construction project no matter how big or small. From Demolition to a beautiful finish of any building project you require.

Braza Construction and Paving has the knowledge, equipment and experience to repair, replace or install concrete walkways and sidewalks properly and safely.